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Commission Work

Given an interesting subject, I very much enjoy the challenge of commission work.

People often commission me to paint their houses or holiday baches, but sometimes it's just a favourite place or view.

I am happy to discuss any ideas you may have regarding a commission painting.

One example could be a holiday bach that has a family 'history' and may hold memories of many past summers and times spent together. It gives you a certain feeling, has a peaceful stillness, a sun-baked salty smell about it. It may have uneven floors or leaky windows, funny taps and a long drop, but the view is beautiful, the bird song wakes you in the mornings and you listen to the waves and think about wandering along the beach or through the bush...


Then change is in the wind and the old bach may be in for renovation, or might have to go to make way for a new beach house, or it may just be that someone has a desire to have a reminder of this special retreat on the wall at home that takes them back there at a glance.

When possible I like to meet with my client at the location, to discuss their ideas and have a good look around. This way I gain a sense of their feelings about the place, why it is special and what it means to them. We talk about how the place looks and feels at different times of the day, considering sun and shadows and the surrounding environment.

I look at various aspects and angles and take lots of photographs of the subject and location. If a meeting is not possible I will consider using existing photos which can be scanned and emailed to me, then a discussion about ideas for what to include in the painting composition, and any other details including size, price estimate and timeframe for completion etc, can be had on the phone or by email.

I always complete a detailed drawing first so that my client gets a very good idea of how the finished work will look. Once this has been viewed and approved, and a price agreed upon, I ask for a 20% deposit before beginning work on the painting. The balance of payment is due at the completion of the work.

Every effort will be made to complete commissioned work within the specified time, but if you have a deadline for completion such as a birthday then please get in touch well in advance (at least 3 months) to discuss your idea and timeframe.

Please note - If complete copyright is required by the purchaser, the commission price increases by 50%. Otherwise the artist retains copyright. If the purchaser wishes to retain copyright with an access clause, a price can be negotiated and the artist will contact the owner for consent on any future copyright issues.

Turipeka Point
Caravan, full moon ferry
Caravan, Sunset Shore
Oyster Road Bach
The Cabin
TeKouma Bach 2011
Cooks Beach Bach 2012
West End of Cooks Looking East 2016
Hahei Coastline - Cathedral Cove 2016
Summer Day, Hahei 330x445
Hart Commission
Purangi View 04
Dobbie commission
Purangi Dinghy 2004
Otautu Point View II
My Dad 2006
Kayla at Camp
Little Ferry, 200x300
cat painting
Elliot's Cottage 2011
Cove Bach 2005
Comet with Pohutukawa
Beach House, 2008
comet watch camper 2008
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